alycat411: April 13th, 1912 Just a day prior, …


April 13th, 1912

Just a day prior, Rose attempted suicide. Things felt that bleak, and then someone re-ignited her flame. Just like that.

It’s so easy to forget why we’re here. Some of us never even try to answer that question. It’s no wonder so many of us turn towards maladaptive coping mechanisms. We’re asking ourselves to live a life we don’t want to lead, just like Rose. 

Rose’s father is hardly mentioned in the film. In the deck scene, Jack casually tosses in that when his folks died he decided to leave Chippewa Falls. I wonder, was Rose’s father a sensitive topic for her? Was she close to him? As a therapist, I see and love the memes that have us circling “Dad” no matter what the client says. But there is some truth in it! I’d like to think Rose’s father was a caring, passionate man. I’d like to believe that’s where she got her fire from. And that when he died, a part of her did too. It would make sense why she could quickly connect with Jack. It was in her all along of course, just recently stifled. 

Maybe I’m projecting here. Probably. 

In a deleted scene Rose says, “The next afternoon, I remember feeling how the sun felt, as if I hadn’t felt the sun in years.” Although these are candid polaroids, I feel like these photos emit that on her face. 

And suddenly, she has a fire to live.

Perhaps her father’s death left her with unresolved trauma. Jack’s promise to her would be a corrective experience, teaching her that no matter how hopeless life gets, there is always a reason to move forward, to take in beauty…

to make it count.

Here’s to Rose.