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Titanic: Honor and Glory – Demo 3 – Fore Grand Staircase, C Deck

C Deck for Titanic’s Forward Grand Staircase was a central location for First Class passengers. Here was located the Enquiry Office, a sort of concierge. Want to send a Marconi message? Go the the Enquiry Office. Want to put a valuable item in a safe? Get in line. Want to arrange a train trip or have a car waiting at your destination? Talk to the Pursor at the Enquiry Office. You could also drop off letters or pick up brochures, among other things.

For a long time, we had no idea what this area looked like on Titanic, other than a couple photos of the Enquiry Office area. That was until a photo of Olympic’s C Deck Grand Staircase was discovered. It not only showed the area in a wider light, but revealed an entirely different layout for the staircase balustrades and showed small putto figures on either side of the stairs.

You can download and experience Demo 3 here: