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Titanic: Honor and Glory – Demo 3 – First Class Dining Saloon

The primary dining location for First Class Passengers on Titanic was this huge Dining Saloon. It seated up to 554 people at 115 tables, serviced by a sprawling galley and pantry facility staffed by a legion of waiters and cooks of many stripes. Contrary to popular belief, the saloon was not carpet, but tiled in blue, red, and gold linoleum, bits of which have been recovered from the wreck. The saloon was split into three long seating sections with 6 alcoves along the outboard sides. The alcoves sported particularly fancy paneling and ceilings. Daylight was admitted through pale stained glass and prismatic windows (behind which were simple double portholes). At night they were illuminated from behind by “Linolite” fixtures, as with the Reception Room. Filling the room were many green leather chairs, with some being recovered after the sinking (but eventually lost again).

You can download and experience Demo 3 here: