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Titanic: Honor and Glory – Demo 3 – Belfast, Ireland

The introductory level for the new demo, Belfast allows the player to step into another piece of Titanic history; the place where Titanic was conceived and built. On the train ride in, you see the entrance to the great shipyard of Harland and Wolff, and can explore the wharf where Titanic was fitted out after launching.

  1. The train stopped near Titanic. (In real life a train like this never would have went to this area, however.)
  2. The Thompson Graving/Dry Dock, where Titanic was partly fitted out. In the distance is the Arrol Gantry, where Titanic was built.
  3. A view of Titanic from the Graving Dock.
  4. A view of Titanic from the rickety slipway that once stood near the Thompson Wharf, where Titanic was primarily fitted out.
  5. A view of Harland and Wolff from the gangway leading to the ship.
  6. A view of the sprawling shipyard.
  7. The Arrol Gantry makes for an imposing structure behind the time yard Time Offices (foreground) and the yard’s main office, where Titanic’s plans were drawn up, and which was under expansion construction at the time.
  8. The main entrance for Harland and Wolff. The larger building was the engine shop, where Titanic’s massive engines were constructed and tested. The parts making up the engines were hauled from that large door by rail cars and taken to the wharf, where they were then picked up by the huge floating crane and lowered into the ship to be assembled.
  9. The funnel shop, where Titanic’s funnels were built.
  10. The yard’s electricity generating station, which contained several large turbines.

You can download and experience Demo 3 here: