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Titanic: Honor and Glory – Demo 3 – A La Carte Restaurant

On Titanic, aside from the Cafe Parisien, you had two main choices for dining as a First Class passenger; the First Class Dining Saloon and the Restaurant. The saloon was rigidly timed and you took the dishes they were serving at the time, and was included in your ticket. However, if you desired to eat at any time you pleased, ordering whatever you wanted (as long as it’s on the menu), and you didn’t mind spending some extra cash, you would go to the Restaurant. The A La Carte Restaurant was one of the ship’s finest rooms, expanded due to popular demand during fitting-out, and beautifully decorated in walnut paneling and gold detailing, with a large assortment of tables and plush dining chairs to allow the most intimate dining experience possible. Managed by Luigi Gatti, a successful restaurant manager at the time, the Restaurant was a separate entity from the White Star Line, its own business on board ship, and its staff were not part of the crew. Out of the 69 employees that staffed the Restaurant, only three survived.

You can download and experience Demo 3 here: