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Titanic: Honor and Glory – Demo 3 – Fore Grand Staircase, E and F Decks, and E Deck Corridors

If, instead of going up, you decide to head down the Grand Staircase from the Reception Room, you’ll find yourself in these somewhat less glamorous areas. The Grand Staircase on E Deck was a simpler flight with straight sides, entering into a small foyer that granted access to further stairs to F Deck, more corridors, and Scotland Road. The E Deck corridors, while considered First Class on Titanic, were actually alternate First and Second Class corridors, meaning that, when the need arose, these corridors could be shut off from First Class and opened up to Second Class use. The cabins down here were standard White Star Line material, with simple furnishings and exposed ceiling workings. It was down here, however, that Margaret Brown, the “Unsinkable Molly Brown”, occupied a cabin. Taking the stairs down to F Deck, you’ll find an even more cramped space. This primarily served as the access point for the First Class Turkish Bath facility, Pool, and a corridor for a number of crew cabins.

You can download and experience Demo 3 here: