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Titanic: Honor and Glory – Demo 3 – Boiler Room 6 and Fidley Trunk

Titanic’s massive engines needed a lot of steam, and it was these massive boilers that provided it. There were 29 boilers on board, 24 of them double-ended, totaling 159 furnaces. There were 6 boiler rooms, 11 stokeholds. Large bunkers between the boiler rooms held over 5,800 tons of coal. In each stokehold, where the boiler furnace fronts were, stokers, known as the “Black Gang”, worked round the clock to shovel coal into the furnaces. Trimmers worked to keep the bunkers’ coal levels evened out and hauled coal around the stokeholds. As the boilers burned the coal, spider-like uptakes, connecting to each boiler and venting through the funnels, one funnel per two boiler rooms, carried away the smoke and deadly gasses. Powerful fans pumped fresh air in from outside through vents that went down to the stokeholds. Fidley trunks provided an open route for hot air to escape from the boiler rooms, wafting up through gratings at the very top of the ship. A complicated network of catwalks and ladders provided access throughout the boiler rooms, boiler tops, fidleys and casings. There were watertight doors between each boiler room. In the event of them closing, the ladders provided a means of escape. Boiler Room 6 was one of the compartments breached by the iceberg collision.

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