titanic-honor-and-glory: For anyone who tuned …


For anyone who tuned in to last night’s podcast, you would have heard that project director Tom Lynskey is off vacationing in California. But no matter where he goes, there is always time for Titanic!

Tom was lucky enough to visit Father Roberto Pirrone, who has famously built from scratch incredibly detailed models of luxury liners, including Titanic, Lusitania, and Normandie. (Click the names to see photos of those.) Not only are these massive models detailed on the outside, but they are cutaways, too, with intricately detailed interiors!

These days, Father Pirrone is busy working on a new Titanic cutaway model with much help from Ken Marschall, Parks Stephenson, and several other historical consultants who also contribute to Titanic: Honor & Glory. The team is also proud to say we’ve given Roberto a few tidbits of advice and research here and there as well!

Above are some exclusive images of his amazing new cutaway model!

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