titanic-honor-and-glory: On May 13th and 14th,…


On May 13th and 14th, two members of the Titanic: Honor and Glory team, Tom Lynskey and Matt DeWinkeleer, attended the Titanic International Society Convention in New Jersey. We had our own table at the convention, which included a display for a slideshow and videos, and one where we showed off an exclusive demo for the convention.

The convention was wonderful, and we met many great people, including some giants in the Titanic world, and made a huge impact. Above are some photos from the 2-day event, and below are their descriptions, top to bottom.

  1. Tom (left) and Matt (right) stand with the table our project had at the convention.
  2. Tom plays the exclusive tour demo for several onlookers while others watch a sinking video. The exclusive demo included both Grand Staircases and other areas.
  3. Tom and Matt stand with Paul-Henry Nargeolet. Nargeolet is a renowned wreck explorer, and is perhaps the one who has visited Titanic the most with at least 30 dives accomplished. We showed Nargeolet one of the cherub figures in our demo, similar to one he himself brought up from the wreck.
  4. John P. Eaton (left) and Charles A. Haas (right) watch a slideshow of our work. Eaton and Haas were impressed with our work, especially Eaton, who was nearly brought to tears by our visuals of Titanic. Eaton and Haas authored the book Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy, are well-known Titanic historians, and are trustees of the TIS, with Haas as preisdent and Eaton as an Historian.
  5. Tom and Matt with Eaton and Haas.

We met many others as well, and had a great time. Hopefully we’ll have more on our time at the convention soon!

Also, please don’t forget to visit the Titanic International Society on their website or like them on Facebook!



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