titanic-honor-and-glory: Oh my, what is this? …


Oh my, what is this? Why, it’s another light fixture from Titanic’s First Class Dining Saloon, of course!

You’ve probably guessed it before, but we’re working on the Dining Saloon in First Class (some people guessed the Reception Room, as some of the lights were the same as in the Saloon). This light is a little different than the other with it’s distorted shape and slightly different glass patterns. The previous lamp posted had five light bulbs inside while this one has only one. Both of these light designs were used in the Dining Saloon, with this light being used exclusively in the side alcoves.

Again, this is our high polygon version of the light. In our production pipeline, some details are modeled in high detail, surpassing what the game engine is capable of running, to allow us to visualize how they might look in reality and extract more detail for normal maps and ambient occlusion for our low polygon models, which will be used in the Unreal Engine, so they will still be high quality.

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