titanic-honor-and-glory: We know we’ve been pr…


We know we’ve been pretty quiet lately, but never fear, we’re still here! Here we have a rendering of a light fixture from an area of our Titanic recreation we have NEVER shown before in the course of the project, a room we’ve been hard at work on as of late. Can you guess where it is?

For complicated and intricately detailed fixtures and carvings on the ship, we like to model them in full detail with an extremely high polygon count (too high for any game engine, sadly), and then render our textures and maps for the low-poly game-compatible models from them. We find it allows for further authenticity and higher detail in otherwise low-detail models. In the image above of our high-poly model work, you can see all moldings and patterns are fully modeled instead of purely textured, and even the ceiling behind it is entirely 3D. This allows us to analyze how light interacts with these items, and how to simulate this within Unreal Engine wherever possible.

Our modelers Matt and Kyle have been doing a great deal of research and work in creating this new part of the ship for our project, and we’ve even unlocked a mystery or two in the process that may surprise some.

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