titanic-honor-and-glory: Forty years ago, usin…


Forty years ago, using what he could find in libraries and other media in an age before the internet, a talented 15-year old began building a giant cutaway Titanic model, displaying the ship’s interiors, furnishings, and machinery in great detail. Later he would go on to build one of the Lusitania and an even more amazing model of the Normandie. Today, with the internet and a whole new age of Titanic information at his fingertips, Father Roberto Pirrone, now a Catholic priest in the Los Angeles area, is building a brand new cutaway model of Titanic with all the latest findings, including discoveries and details fleshed out by T:H&G’s efforts.

In this 40-minute interview, T:HG’s Tom Lynskey talks with Father Pirrone aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. Father Pirrone walks us through his processes behind these magnificent models and the details that went into them and discusses his new model with a few previews included.

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