Author: Titanic: Honor and Glory

A little behind the scenes of the 3D printing process! Unpainted ships and plaques are being delivered faster without backorders. Check these out at!

Happy Halloween from your friends at THG! We hope everyone has a fun and safe day. To make your Halloween even scarier, check out these creepy ghost stories from the RMS Queen Mary!

Greetings everyone! Wondering what we’ve been up to and the progress on the game? Check out our October 2019 status update video on YouTube!

RMS Titanic’s wireless telegraph had the ability to transmit messages hundreds of miles in every direction. If you were on board the Titanic, what message would you want to send?

Greetings everyone! We will be having a YouTube livestream this Sunday, October 13th at 6pm EST (10pm GMT). Be sure to tune in for a beautiful tour of Demo 3. We cannot wait for you to experience some incredible views of the ship with us!

It’s not SS!

It’s RMS! Or is it?

New video up on the YouTube Channel!

Check it out!


Hello everyone! Be sure to check out our online store for beautiful, hand-painted 3D-printed models! They are all created with the highest attention to detail and care. Check out our other items as well, as they’re sure to be a great addition to anyone’s collection!

All 3D printed ships are back-ordered; they are hand-painted and we prioritize quality over speed.

If you want a gray model to paint yourself, these are not back-ordered, and all our lifeboat plaques are ready-made and ready to ship!

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When creating spaces with complex decor full of carvings and details, it’s necessary to relegate most of that detail to textures so as not to spend millions of triangles on a single carved panel. When a little extra dimension is needed, shader tricks can be used to give details the illusion of being 3D. The 1st Class Dining Saloon is one of the places these tricks are used. Just don’t get too close or else things will get trippy!

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For those wondering about update videos, not to worry! We have a new one coming soon, and more in the pipeline as we move into next year! In the meantime, check out one of our last update videos, from July, if you missed it!

The July update video covers our attendance of Titanic at the Grand in May/June, general updates, and a little something neat we’ve been working on.

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It’s not just the small things we print; we also tried our hand at the 21-light candelabrum from the 1st Class Reception Room! We already had a detailed model for the game, so it was a simple matter of putting it into a 3D-printing workflow instead. The result? A near-1:1 scale replica of the candelabrum, printed, painted, and wired by our marketing and printing man, Zeno Silva! Yes, that’s right, it’s wired and lights up.

In the process, we learned some new things about the candelabrum (including its true size) which we’ll incorporate into the game model. The same can be said for much of what we print, as working things out in detail for printing and handling physical objects often leads to new ways of looking at these objects.

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