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Song: My Heart Will Go On
Artist: Celine Dion
Movie: Titanic

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One of the greatest versions of MHWGO, in my opinion. Happy Valentine’s Day Jack & Rose shippers!

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I was listening to one of my many versions of MHWGO this evening when I had an idea to post one version per day for the month of February. I realized I only have about 24 versions. I also didn’t feel like waiting for February…January has been long as fuck. Alas….

It’s been a very long time since I gave this cover a listen; it’s beautiful. Having additional Titanic-themed music that wasn’t in the film always makes me imagine Jack and Rose outside of the context of the film. This version of MHWGO is so soft and intimate. The guitar evokes foreign land, somewhere far away, somewhere peaceful where their worries would wash away.

Jack and Rose living happily post Titanic, traveling the world, walking hand and hand along a beach as the sun sets. Jack comes up behind Rose placing his arms around her waist and his head upon her shoulder. The waves tumble and crash on the shore in the foreground of a painted-pink sky. Sun beams bounce off their kissing cheeks. The horizon stares them right in the face, as if no time has passed. Their dreams as present as ever. 

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Celine Dion is shaking oh my god 

why are we not talking about chicken master in 2018

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As far as I know, this is the original version of My Heart Will Go On that was sent to Cameron.

It’s clearly not the radio edit or even end credit version we all know so well. The most notable difference is the orchestral bridge.

Most people assume that if you love “Titanic,” you also love this song. For me, I always resisted this song because of the natural groveling people do when its mentioned or played. And in a very short time it went from being a record-breaking, power-ballad to one of the most hated songs in pop culture. 

Even today, I will choose many other Celine songs over this one. And I prefer The Portrait and Rose to MHWGO as well. It wasn’t until last Christmas that I really reflected upon the lyrics and realized that this song is about resiliency. Amidst the extreme love and hate for it, I completely missed the meaning of not only the lyrics themselves, but the title. 

And so, regardless of what the song means to the rest of the world, I do hold a dear spot for it in my heart because in a way, its really an extra gift of an epilogue speaking to Rose’s struggle post Jack’s death. 

Most of us have gone through devastating losses, maybe none compare to the sinking of the Titanic. Nevertheless, when I struggle to cope with my own losses I think about resiliency. And this song was a gift from lyricist, Will Jennings who added even more depth and color to Rose’s journey beyond her time spent with Jack, and the impact his life had on hers. And it reminds me that in tough times, we have a choice to be resilient, despite how painful the hurt is. And it reminds us with loss, there is also beauty, and hope, and growth.